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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Post It Holder

My mom made one of these adorable post-it holders the other day. I liked it so much I asked her if she could send me her instructions so I could make one too. The differences between ours is that my mom used velcro, I used brads and ribbon and of course we used different paper and embellishments. It was super easy to do and you can get as creative as you would like. I am going to give this to one of my student's parents who already brought supplies in as a donation. We had a back to school BBQ and start school on Monday, so I am sure I will have many more blog postings to share soon. 

Here is my post-it holder:

Here is my mom's post-it holder:

Post-It-Note Holder Directions:
What you will need:
Paper (double sided works best)
Scoring board
Post It Note Pad
Double sided tape or glue
Cute sticker or embelishment for the front cover

*  Cut a strip of paper 3" wide x 8" long (double sided is cute because you will see the inside when you open it.
First fold is at 2 5/8"
Second fold add another 3/8", which makes it at 3"
Third fold is an additional 3-1/8", which makes it at 6-1/8"
Fourth fold is another 3/8", which makes it at 61/2"
You should have 1-7/8" remaining

Attach your Post-It-Note pad with either tape or glue.  I took off about 10 sheets, because you will see that it is a little too thick otherwise.
Add velcro to the top and bottom with glue, and let dry throughly;  see my photo.
Add your embelishment as your finishing touch.

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